We understand what it takes to run a successful and compliant trucking firm, and that it entails a lot of paperwork. We take a fully comprehensive approach for you:

New company incorporation with full authorities
Canada & US NSC/DOT services

  • Month-to-month log auditing per driver including hours of service
  • Safety policy development and implementation
  • Record keeping for trucks, trailers, and drivers
  • NSC/DOT carrier profile monitoring and review
  • i. E-Log and GPS Software available
    ii. CTPAT / FAST program applications
    iii. ACE/ACI creation
  • NSC/DOT audit representation
    • NSC/DOT audit representation

New driver hiring and screening
IFTA filing
    i. Canada Customs
    ii. US Customs
    iii.Oregon Surety Bond
    iv.Port Metro Compliance Bond

  • Logbooks
  • Bill of Lading
  • Trip sheets/envelopes
  • Driver logbook training
  • Dangerous Goods training
  • ACE/ACI training
  • NSC application test training
US FAST program
ACE/ACI manifest services
Local Port Authority
TLS Renewal

Mobile Repair Services For Trucks & Trailers
  • We provide mobile truck & trailer repair services. We can service light and heavy duty commercial trucks as well as all types of trailers. Call us more for information.

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